Admission Enquiry

Admission Enquiry

    Foundation Course NEET JEE NDA



    The vacation period will provide them enough time to revise their school Science and Maths. They can also be introduced to core concepts of Physics, Maths, Biology and Chemistry which they find easy to understand during next two years as the novelty of these subjects wanes because of pursuing foundation course.





    During the course students are made aware of syllabus of science for std. XI and XII, nature of National Level Medical and Engineering entrance exams and the kind of work a Doctor or an Engineer is supposed to undertake. Students are also given career guidance in the course. The career guidance mentally prepares the students to choose their career judiciously and wisely as per their aptitude.



    The foundation Course has provision of hostel and mess facility and supervised night study hours including 9 hours coaching schedule. Doubts are cleared by subject experts during the supervised study hours.



    National level faculties from Delhi, Kota and
    teach core concepts of std. XI and XII CBSE Syllabus in this course.




    Comprehensive training of English Language is
    scheduled as part of the course so that students become expert users of English in writing and speaking. This helps students in pursuing Std. XI and Std. XII study which is only in English medium.

    Reliance Latur Pattern