|| विज्ञानं ब्रह्मेती व्यजानात ||
श्री संगमेश्वर चॅरिटेबल ट्रस्ट लातूर

श्री त्रिपुरा कनिष्ठ महाविद्यालय , लातूर

(विनाअनुदानित )

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2020 Board Results
2020 JEE mains Results
2020 JEE mains Results
2020 Board Results
2020 Board Results
रिलायन्स लातूर पॅटर्न माहितीपत्रक डाउनलोड करण्यासाठी क्लिक करा
2020 JEE mains Results
2020 JEE mains Results
2020 JEE mains Results
2020 JEE mains Results
2020 JEE mains Results

Our Courses

foundation course
Foundation Course

 (For 10th appeared) 

Crash course
Crash Course

 (For 12th completed) 

Integrated course
12th Unified Course

 (For 11th completed) 

11th Regular course
11th Regular

 (For 10th completed) 

12th Regular course
12th Regular

 (For 11th completed) 

Repeater course
12th Repeater

 (For 12th completed) 

Bridge course
Bridge Course

 (For 11th completed) 

Our Faculty


Mr. Ramshankar Yadav

B.Tech. (ICE)

Experience: 6 years

High spots: consistent from last 06 years in Reliance Latur pattern.

Mr. Ranjan Sudhanshu


Experience: 15 years

High spots:Mentor of 10 IITians and career in AIR within 100 during his RLP tenure.

Mr. Varma Sunil

B.Tech.IIT Kanpur

Experience: 4 years

High spots: 10 IITians through career program(within AIR 100).

Mr.Hariom Gupta


Experience: 8 years

High spots: Mentor of 10 IITians, 44 Doctors during his career in RLP.

Mr. Parihar Shailendra

B.Tech. (ME)

Experience: 4 years

High spots:10 IITians,44 doctors through career program.

Mr. Suhas Katkar

B.Tech. NIT Bhopal.

Experience: 6 years

High spots:Taught in all topper batches during all institutes I worked.

Mr. Mratuyunjya Agnihotri


Experience: 4 years

High spots:Selected in NDA and CDS, G.C., 2 times SSB Qualified UPSC Mains Qualified.

Mr. Braj Bhushan

M.Tech NIT Patna

Experience: 4 years

High spots: Published 04 international IEEE papers.

Mr. patil satish

M.sc. B.Ed

Experience: 10 years

High spots: Mentor of 03 Maharashtra Toppers through classroom program.

Mrs.Karpe M.A


Experience: 7 years

High spots:Excellent Command over theoretical Physics.


Mr. Pandey krishna

M.Sc. Tech B.H.U

Experience: 5 years

High spots: GATE Qualified mentor of AIR 253 in JEE advanced & AIR 610 in NEET.

Mr. Rathod Umesh


Experience: 4 years

High spots:record of generating rankers in NEET & JEE.

Mr. Prakash Kumar


Experience: 15 years

High spots: Mentor of 86th AIR rank in JEE advanced & 645th AIR in NEET.

Mr. Ghuge H.G


Experience: 9 years

High spots:NET-CSIR(AIR-54) , consistent in RLP for 5 years.

Mr. Vikash kumar

M.Sc.(Chem) I.Sc. BHU

Experience: 6 years

High spots: Excellent command over organic & physical chemistry.

Mrs. Shaikh N.P


Experience: 11 years

High spots:JRF-SRF fellowship UGC New Delhi.

Mr. Anil Sahu


Experience: 13 years

High spots:Produced Rank 1 in Bihar PMT-2012

Mr.Umang Singh


Experience: 8 years

High spots:Mentor of AIR JEE-MAIN-3,AIR-7 JEE ADVANCED.


Mr. RaviKumar

M.Sc. Mathematics

Experience: 10 years

High spots:Mentor of 100 JEE mains & 100 IITians; 8 years consistent in RLP.

Mr. Darshan Singh


Experience: 6 years

High spots:Mentor of National Level JEE advanced Exam.

Mr. Manish sharma

B.Tech (ME)

Experience: 9 years

High spots:Mentor of 11 Rank holder in JEE mains 2018 Quality service for Decade in RLP.

Mr.Kulkarni prasad


Experience: 10 years

High spots:Highly Proficient faculty 10 years dedicated service in RLP.

Mr.Pradeep Deewan

B.Tech (NIT Bhopal)

Experience: 2 years

High spots:Two years consistent Service in Reliance Latur Pattern.


Mr. Chaudhary R.K

M.Sc. zoology

Experience: 11 years

High spots:Mentor of 500 students in Pre-Medical. 11 years dedicated service in RLP.

Mr. Yadav D.

M.Tech-IIT Kharagpur

Experience: 7 years

High spots:CSIR NET,ICMR & GATE Qualified, Senior Scientist with National innovation foundation.

Dr. Paras Jain

M.Sc. Ph. D.

Experience: 7 years

High spots:Junior Scientist Awardee. Writer or 3 books, 21 International paper Published.

Mr. Sanga R.N

M.Sc. Biotech &zoo

Experience: 5 years

High spots:Gold Medal in Biotechnology, 5 years of quality service.

Mr. Awad Vithal


Experience:5 years

High spots:3 patents & 12 publications in international journals.

Mr. Takale D.M


Experience:9 years

High spots: Excellent command over living science Lab experiment.

Mr. pratik kumar


Experience:1 years

High spots: Expert Faculty in Research and Development .

Mr.Ravi Anand


Experience:5 years

High spots:Mentored students of NEET & Other National Exam.

Teaching Methodologies

Our Facilities

Our Alumni

1) To succeed is to take right decisions at the right time and joining RLP was the right decision which gave me all the success that I dreamt of achieving alongwith their precise study material & test series, the determination and the positivity that the teachers inculcated in us set the path of my success:-Bharat Lulla

2) Hardwork works harder than luck. The real meaning of word 'perseverance' was taught to us in RLP. The study material provided and the test series made us well rehearsed for exams in this cut throat competition:-Vipul Patel

3) My vision about the future I wished for was given wings at RLP.The support alongwith the guidance and study material forms the perfect combination for success:-Aayush Yadav

4) My success is attributed to tireless guidance and the exam oriented study material that I received at RLP:-Sahil Mirashi

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