Admission Enquiry

Admission Enquiry

    Our Campus

    Shri Tripura Junior Science College, Latur is architecturally designed to make teaching-learning ambience effective. 


    The college building, study room and hostel-mess facility are in close proximity. Students’ time is effectively managed 

    due to all well-coordinated facilities within one campus. CCTV camera surveillance, RO-water, well ventilated class rooms 

    with best seating arrangement and spacious passages make our campus safe and hygiene friendly. Sanitation measures 

    and repairs are sensitively attended to with due urgency.

    Following are the infrastructure facilities provided:


    Our Library boasts of 18000 books comprising of the best editions of international reference books. These books quench the thirst of young knowledge seekers. The supervised study room and library go hand in hand. Students can borrow any library book for their self-study. Access to Library books widens the student’s horizon of understanding. The presence of books in the study room creates prefect ambience for study.

    Computer Lab

    Modern education is incomplete without the study of latest branches of knowledge. Information Technology (IT) is the most popular branch of study cutting across all spheres of life including education. In fact, it has become a main subject of teaching from primary school syllabus to PG level.




    Experimentation and observations are important in drawing conclusions in all sciences. Subject-wise Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Biology Lab and Maths Lab constitute an essential part of our coaching programme. The experiments conducted here consolidate sound understanding of every core concepts of science. Science labs are the powerhouse of our teaching – learning process.


    The spacious classrooms on campus are equipped with LCD projectors to implement an interactive learning experience for the students. The design of classrooms facilitates a free exchange of ideas between students and teachers. The smart board saves teacher’s time while drawing graphs and mathematical diagrams.



    Reliance mess is the pure veg-food facility. Selection of food grains and other ingredients, shifting, grinding, cooking, serving, etc. are monitored consciously for quality and hygiene assurance. One breakfast with fruits or milk and two meals a day are provided to the member students. RO-water for drinking is provided. Lecturers and other members of the staff take their meals with the students.


    We provide hostels to our students with cleanliness and other amenities including 24-Hour RO-water for drinking and hot water for bathing in the morning. A trained warden is in-charge of the boys’ hostel who ensures cleanliness and provision of other amenities to students.



    Study Room

    The study Room is one of the most unique facilities developed by us consciously and its implementation in everyday study schedule avails the students of opportunity to study books of their choice, or have access to tab-aided revision or meet subject expects for clarification of doubts in case of difficult concepts.

    Digital Classroom
    Smart LED interactive panel makes our Classroom engaging, futuristic and fun based. We have replaced traditional blackboards, whiteboards with smart LED interactive panel in our institute. We have enabled our Professors / Faculties to teach concepts accurately and effectively.


    The institute has arranged its own college buses for safe commuting of students between the hostels and the college if the hostel is at far distance from the college. It fully ensures students safety and saves their precious time. The transport of the college is also available for students of Latur City.

    Personal Accounts 

    Students do not have to carry money with them. They can open a personal account in the college. The money deposited in the account can be withdrawn when they need it. Students staying at hostel find it very useful facility which prevents loss of money by misplacement or careless spending or theft.

    Medical clinic

    The college runs an OPD. We have appointed a Doctor for first aid and treating minor health complaints of our students staying at hostels.

    Digital Library
    Modern education is incomplete without study of latest branches of knowledge.Information technology is the most popular branch of study cutting across all spheres of life including education.