Crash Course


To help students undertake revision of concepts as per priority and difficulty level so as to get 100 % success in target exam. It leverages students critical problem solving Skills. Focused revision of class XI and XII NCERT concepts is main crux of this course.

Batches of crash course are organized as Dhairya, Sankalp, and Lakshya.

The Students Who need revision of basic concepts are free to choose Dhairya batch.

In Sankalp students get guidance of concepts as per their personal needs for multiplying their high performance.

The Lakshya batch includes students having appreciable command over maximum concepts but need special coaching of most difficult topics.

NEET, JEE, AIIMS mock test series daily doubt clearing sessions, discussions sessions and supervised self-study sessions are other highlights of this course.

Importance: If one successfully grasps all the content of crash course, student can easily remove the obstacles in his path to achieve the expected outcome.

Benefits: This lifts student’s abilities in short duration while being comprehensive in covering syllabus.